Diva Cupcakes


Posted on : 01-10-2012 | By : Christin | In : Special Occasions

I love love love these cupcakes! I made these jumbo Diva heels for a girls night out and the girls couldn’t stop talking about them!

Welcoming A Baby


Posted on : 01-10-2012 | By : Christin | In : Baby Shower Cakes

Welcoming a new baby with a moist red velvet cake filled with cream cheese icing and a buttercream booty to top it off!


Peaceful Baby


Posted on : 26-09-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Special Occasions

This peaceful fondant baby resting on a flower is a four inch mini chocolate cake with a delicious chocolate buttercream and coconut filling.


Appreciation Cake


Posted on : 18-05-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Edible Flowers, Special Occasions

A little appreciation treat to a  client’s hard working employees for a job well done.  Nothing says Thank You like a Teresa’s cake! This lovely treat is a marbled cake with chocolate fudge filling smothered in chopped Heath candy bar pieces decorated with butter cream icing and fondant flowers and butterflies.

Finding Nemo Birthday Cake


Posted on : 18-05-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes

A beautiful cake inspired by the movie Finding Nemo for my grandson’s first birthday. The top layer was a moist chocolate cake with a bottom layer of vanilla cake filled with chocolate custard in the center and decorated in butter cream. My grandson loved the cake, he could barely wait to dive into it!

Fondant Tea Pot For a Daughter on Mother’s Day


Posted on : 10-05-2011 | By : Christin | In : Edible Flowers, Seasonal Cakes, Special Occasions

I made this beautiful fondant creation for my eldest daughter on Mother’s Day this year and she was floored by this work of art. The cake is vanilla butter with a chunky peach filling and adorned with edible fondant flowers. The perfect gift for a perfect daughter!

Blooming Spring Carrot Cake


Posted on : 23-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Edible Flowers, Seasonal Cakes

A delicious Spring carrot cake with cream cheese and peach filling is the perfect way to say Happy Easter! The icing is butter cream with edible flowers made out of  fondant.

Sunday Easter Bunny Cake


Posted on : 20-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Seasonal Cakes

Nothing says Easter like a yummy bunny Easter cake! I made this vanilla cake with butter cream icing a while back but it’s such a cute little cake I wanted to show it off one last time.


I Want My MTV 80’s Birthday Cake


Posted on : 13-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes

Remember back when MTV played music videos? I made this for an 80’s inspired 30th  birthday celebration for my oldest daughter last year. The cake was marble (both vanilla and chocolate) with a vanilla custard filling and decorated in butter cream. I hand cut the shape of the “M” rather than using a mold. This was fun to make, brought back memories of my daughters watching Madonna and Peter Gabriel music videos after school!


It’s All About the Rum Cake!


Posted on : 13-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Special Occasions

A yellow cake soaked in rum with a delicious pineapple-apricot filling and I piped green buttercream leaves with the fondant daisy’s.  I added lady finger cookies around the cake to create this beautiful effect with a ribbon.

Rum Apricot Lady Finger Cake

Same style of cake with beautiful yellow and orange fondant flowers.

Fall Lady Finger Cake