Betty Boop Loves Chocolate


Posted on : 17-10-2013 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes

A sexy chocolate cake with the sexy Betty Boop has a chocolate chip filling to die for!

Betty Boop Birthday

Monster High


Posted on : 01-10-2012 | By : Christin | In : Birthday Cakes

I made this Monster High birthday cake for a lucky little girl who was turning six years old. This is a chocolate cake with a delicious chocolate custard filling covered in butter cream. I used an edible image which is sugar paper printed in food coloring.

Poker Night with The Guys!


Posted on : 07-02-2012 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes

The guys will enjoy this Casino themed chocolate cake infused with Kahlua® coffee liqueur and a delicious chocolate mousse filling with chocolate chips. Edible poker chips and playing cards too!

Peaceful Baby


Posted on : 26-09-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Special Occasions

This peaceful fondant baby resting on a flower is a four inch mini chocolate cake with a delicious chocolate buttercream and coconut filling.


Communion Doll


Posted on : 05-07-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Special Occasions

Celebrating a young lady’s communion with this lovely doll made of  rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate mocha ganache and a beautiful hand made fondant gown adorned with edible silver candy beads.

Tropical Parrot Birthday Cake


Posted on : 05-07-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes, Edible Flowers

I made this delicious tropical parrot cake for my brother-in-law’s 52nd birthday this weekend.  All decorations are made of fondant covering a smooth chocolate cake  filled with a rich ganache filling and layered with Heath candy bar pieces. It was simply to die for!

Finding Nemo Birthday Cake


Posted on : 18-05-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes

A beautiful cake inspired by the movie Finding Nemo for my grandson’s first birthday. The top layer was a moist chocolate cake with a bottom layer of vanilla cake filled with chocolate custard in the center and decorated in butter cream. My grandson loved the cake, he could barely wait to dive into it!

Spiderman Fondant Birthday Cake


Posted on : 13-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Birthday Cakes

Superhero, super yummy Spiderman birthday! A rich chocolate cake with delicious vanilla custard filling covered in fondant as Spiderman defeats an edible spider also made of fondant.

Spiderman Birthday Cake

The Artist Pallet Cake


Posted on : 13-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Special Occasions

An artist was having an art show in her gallery and ordered a pallet cake for her guests. This Art from the Heart is a chocolate cake with a rum glaze and a chocolate mouse filling. I decorated the cake with chocolate butter cream with an edible message. Everything is edible but the tripod, I made that out of wood. This cake served about 100 people.

pallet cake

Chocolate Strawberry Lady Finger Cookie Cake Oh my!


Posted on : 13-04-2011 | By : Teresa Falo | In : Special Occasions

The ultimate craving sensation! Rich chocolate cake with mouth watering strawberry filling and chocolate butter cream. Adorned all around the cake are sweet lady finger cookies with huge chocolate covered strawberries. I added an accent ribbon around to hold this bundle of yum together.

strawberry cake lady finger wrap